Festive Concern

A Festive Concern

Christmas parties, carol singers, roast turkey and Christmas cheer… most people think of Christmas and New Year as a happy and festive time, but that may not be the reality for many people in active addiction or early recovery.

There are many triggers associated with this time of year. Triggers are very personal as different things affect different people, however for many people financial fear is undoubtedly a major one. Families coming together can also cause increased stress that for some individuals, may become unbearable. 

Daily routines are commonly put on hold at this time of year leaving you vulnerable and at risk, often with much more time on your hands than you are used to. 

There are lots of factors that can lead to you being in a high risk or stressful situation while in recovery, and this is also the case if you are a functioning addict. These situations could mean an increase in using behaviours which can result in heightened tensions around the home. 

Add to that family coming to stay, excessive drinking, possible long term resentments coming to the surface and you have the potential for a crisis.

With all this in mind it is good to prepare yourself for any upcoming triggers by putting a plan of action in place to prevent reacting badly to triggers, and spiraling out of control. This could be a safe exit plan, a friend on standby or a rethink of your festive plans altogether in order to minimize risk.

Here at Calm, we work of our team is a mix of highly experienced & qualified staff who have worked at numerous facilities across Asia & Europe, most of which are in recovery themselves & have a passion for helping people. 

We fully understand that things can soon become too much to deal with on your own. If you find yourself at your own personal rock bottom, or are concerned that things are heading in the wrong direction, please don’t hesitate to contact Calm Rehab, the leading drug and alcohol rehab center in Bali.

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