Is rehab suitable for me?

If you are asking yourself or being asked that question, the answer is probably ‘yes’.


People of all ages and from all walks of life can benefit from treatment at a professional rehabilitation centre. If you are struggling to stop drinking once you start, if your drug or alcohol use is having a negative impact on your life, your career or those around you then the sooner you can get help, the better.

Will I get my own room?

Yes, all bedrooms at Calm Rehab provide a comfortable king bed for the individual client. We also provide flat screen televisions, international cable TV, a sofa, desk and a private en-suite bathroom with complimentary toiletries in every room.

How long should I come for?

Every client is individual & unique, however, we believe that 3 months is the ideal and most effective timeframe for inpatient rehabilitation. We do also offer 1 and 2-month inpatient treatment programs. However long you are coming into Calm for, our professional team will do all they can to provide you with the tools required to make lasting life changes.

What is the food like?

We provide a variety of international cuisine and can also cater for vegetarians, vegans and those who follow a Halal diet. Snacks are also available throughout the day.

What if I get sick?

Our doctors and nurses are regularly onsite and access to our medical team is available 24/7 – we are just a few minutes from our preferred GP’s Clinic and a number of International Hospitals which we work closely with to ensure the health and well-being of our clients.

Does Calm Rehab offer medical detox programs?

Calm Rehab provides full medical detox as required, this is individually tailored to the varying needs of each client. Depending on individual circumstances, some clients do require a medical detox, while others do not. Our professional medical team has years of experience in assisting clients to detox from both drugs and alcohol and our clients’ comfort and safety is our number one priority.

Are counselling sessions mandatory?

Yes, all aspects of our Residential Community Program are mandatory, these include 1-to-1 and group counselling sessions as well as a range of relaxation, recreational and leisure activities. Some clients will be excused from certain activities for medical reasons such as during initial detox.

Will I get bored?

Our program has been tailored in such a way so as to be as effective & engaging as possible by utilizing a 3 phase progressive approach.

We do however believe that a key to effective addiction recovery lies in balance. A typical weekday incorporates both group and individual therapeutic sessions, including fitness sessions, with enough downtime to enjoy swimming in either of the pools, relaxing in the riverside gardens, kicking back with a book while enjoying the gentle breeze from a hammock or to rest up and watch a movie. We run various activities in the evenings as well as recreational trips out at weekends, supported by our international recovery team.

Can I keep my phone/laptop?

Yes – you can. We encourage all clients to disconnect from the outside world as much as possible however following the initial 72 hours clients may access their personal technology for 3 hours per day, either during the afternoon or evening. If additional technology access is required such as for business or family reasons we can be flexible providing this does not detract from your recovery experience.

Can I smoke?

Smoking is permitted in the designated smoking area only.

What does the fee cover?

The program fee covers every aspect of your program; counselling, accommodation, all meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner), snacks, all activities and outings, VIP airport service and private transfer to the centre.


The only things we do not cover are the costs of your flights, spending money, any required prescription medication, hospitalization, your travel insurance and your visa… although our Client Liaison Specialist and his team are on-hand to assist you.

Why choose Calm?

Calm offers highly effective rehabilitation in a luxurious, safe and comfortable environment while providing outstanding value for money.


All bedrooms are over-sized, air-conditioned and well-appointed affording our clients absolute comfort, while our recreational program demonstrates that recovery can be fun and rewarding and ensures our clients are able to enjoy a variety of activities across the beautiful island of Bali.


Our food is comparable to that served in a luxury resort and our property provides the ideal place to make lasting lifestyle changes, while our professional team of counsellors, recovery coaches and support staff are highly experienced and understanding of our clients’ varying needs.


We do this because we care.

What should I bring?

Bali enjoys tropical temperatures throughout the year so please pack accordingly. Please also note that bedding and towels are provided and laundry is collected twice a week, one week’s worth of clothes will be sufficient.


  • Clothes. Loose and comfortable clothes suitable for the climate.
  • Flip-flops / thongs. For easy everyday use.
  • Sunglasses and sunscreen. This is your responsibility, remember this is Bali and it does get hot!
  • Sportswear including trainers. Required when using our onsite fitness suite and the offsite fitness centre.
  • Swimwear. We have 2 swimming pools on site and you will also access an offsite fitness centre, as well as beaches.
  • Toiletries.  All bedrooms are stocked with complimentary toiletries (shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant). If you require additional or specialist toiletries then please bring them along. Please be aware that mouthwash containing alcohol is not permitted.
  • Prescription medication.  In its original packaging, accompanied by a doctor’s note.
  • Mobile Phone / Personal Technology. Mobile phones and internet technology will be securely stored in the office and can be used during designated times.
  • Spending money. For cigarettes, special toiletries, souvenirs and any medication prescribed to you while you are here.