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Our Approach And Program Components

Calm Rehab’s Clinical Team delivers a highly effective clinical approach to rehabilitation with our clients gaining an understanding of their old behavioural patterns while learning new ways of being through a variety of evidence-based counselling sessions and supportive therapeutic practices.

Delivered by highly qualified, western-trained addiction and psychological trauma specialists, Calm Rehab’s exclusive program is a progressive 3-phase arrangement. This means clients who come in for 60 or 90 days do not just repeat the first 30 days but grow with the program while enjoying more freedom, greater responsibility and increased awareness as the program progresses.

To meet the differing needs of our diverse clientele, our program is non-religious and unlike many other treatment centres in the region, we do not rely on the 12-Step model as a method of rehabilitation. We do however provide our clients with an introduction to 12-Step meetings as for many this can present an effective platform to maintain sobriety post-rehabilitation.

To ensure a healthy balance is achieved, our client’s rehabilitation process could be described as holistic in nature, meaning we focus on the whole self. Our clinical program is thereby complemented by individually tailored physical, nutritional and recreational arrangements.

The four core areas of focus are:

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Calm Rehab specializes in the treatment of Substance Use Disorder as well as Psychological Trauma. We do not refer to our clients as addicts or alcoholics as this is not conducive to our promotion of the shame-free, non-judgmental environment that we find so effective.

Our evidence-based, clinical recovery program utilizes an integrative approach incorporating multiple psychotherapy techniques which are tailored to the individual needs of the client.  These include Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness and Person Centered Therapy, with Relapse Prevention Groups running throughout the program.

Our clinical team’s process guides our clients into exploring all aspects of their lives such as environment, vocation and relationships, with our team working closely with them to identify negative core beliefs and bring about healthy change.

In addition to other therapeutic activities, all of our clients attend two group counselling sessions each weekday, as well as a minimum of two individual counselling sessions each week with their designated counsellor.

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Physical activity helps to reintroduce natural levels of endorphins into the systems of our clients. This not only helps them to feel better but assists with regulating brain chemistry and mood in healthy, natural ways.  Exercise is well known to reduce stress as well as feelings of depression and anxiety by promoting healthy brain function.

Calm Rehab employs an Australia-qualified personal trainer who has devised a suitable physical activity program taking into account the age, ability and physical condition of the individual. This tailored program plays a vital supporting role in the rehabilitation process.

Both group yoga and exercise sessions run throughout the week making use of Calm’s onsite swimming pools and fitness suite, as well as accessing a near-by gym.

There are plentiful benefits in maintaining a daily personal exercise regime post-treatment and this is something that our team works closely with our clients to identify, aiding the individual’s relapse prevention planning.



Calm Rehab works in collaboration with renowned clinical nutritionist Sarah Newland at Happy Belly Nutritional Medicine to ensure that not only are the meals prepared by our in-house chef delicious, but also support our client’s recovery.

We appreciate the inseparable nature of mental and physical health, and as such, we ensure the most nutrient-dense, high-quality foods are available daily. Our Australian certified nutritionist has designed a strategic, delicious menu, which ensures each and every meal consumed provides nourishment and healing.

Healthy brain signalling (for food regulation, sleep, and addressing anxiety and depressive states) requires sufficient dietary intake of omega 3 fats EPA & DHA, and as such our menu includes plenty of salmon and walnuts to provide restored neural messaging.

The specific nutritional profiles of our meals ensure that each day spent at Calm contributes to enhanced nervous system activity, hormone balancing, improved mood and sleep, and somatic healing.



Recreation is used to enhance and fasten behaviour change through social interaction while providing clients with enjoyable leisure time. Our recreational program is therefore designed to play an important role in re-building the self-esteem of our clients, helping to support a successful recovery. This aspect of our program really demonstrates that a life free from substance can be enjoyed.

We regularly find that before coming into Calm our clients have stopped participating in healthy pursuits that previously gave them enjoyment and purpose and so as part of our recreational planning we work with our clients to identify hobbies that can be continued following their completion of the rehabilitation program.

We run weekly excursions whereby our clients are able to experience the beauty of Bali and witness the unique culture that the island provides.

From jungle treks through to beach days, temple viewing through to luxury spa treatments, our recreational program ensures lasting memories are created with our clients able to experience that a sober life is a worthwhile one.