Professional Aftercare

After Care

Once You Have Left Our Treatment Centre

We understand that leaving rehab is just the beginning of our clients’ journeys. We place a strong emphasis on relapse prevention throughout all of our programs, identifying potential triggers so that we can work intensively with our clients to help them to develop keep-safe strategies while building a strong support network prior to their arrival home from rehab.


All clients benefit from dedicated post-treatment planning sessions throughout their time at Calm Rehab in Bali, whereby they work with a counsellor to develop a robust plan which includes identifying and arranging suitable professional support, regular practice of healthy activities and hobbies, as well as accessing any relevant community based support networks.

Calm Rehab in Bali also regularly invite previous clients back to the rehab to share their story and experience with current clients, helping them to identify obstacles and challenges and receiving helpful peer support.


However good any rehab is the most important aspect of recovery is what happens afterwards, and so future planning and intensive relapse prevention sessions play an integral role in supporting the success of our clients.