Specialist Gambling Treatment Program


Calm Rehab is proud to announce the launch of a new four-week residential rehabilitation program specialising in the effective treatment for people experiencing problematic gambling and gambling harm.


In collaboration with internationally renowned specialists in gambling treatment Dr Jane Oakes and Vicky Northe, this evidence-based program helps to facilitate lasting change in the individual, with the achievable goals being the removal of the urge to gamble and a complete recovery.


This ground-breaking treatment program combines all aspects and treatment modalities found in Calm’s Residential Community Program, which offers 24-hour professional support from within a beautiful riverside environment, with additional specialist support in place to focus on the recovery from problematic gambling.

Following completion of the residential aspect of their gambling treatment programs, Calm’s clients will then be supported by our specialists to help them as they adjust back into safer, comfortable, and more rewarding ways of living. 


If you or a loved one is affected by gambling harm, and would like to learn more about this specialist program, please contact us here.

Meet the Specialists

Dr Jane Oakes

Dr Jane Oakes is a gambling treatment specialist with an experience of over 20 years, Dr Jane specialises in treating people experiencing gambling-related issues to achieve mastery over their gambling using evidence-based methods.


Dr Jane is passionate about helping people recover from their gambling harms and be free to live a life where money, family and time have value. As part of her best practice treatment approach, she helps people build a meaningful life after gambling.


Her clients talk about how once their urges have been “killed”, their rational thoughts about gambling return. This means that after years of being distracted by gambling, people can engage fully in all they do, such as work, study, and simply being with their families.


Dr Jane is grateful to be able to help each of her clients have a fulfilled life, and as she says farewell to each client, she has the satisfaction that she has made a difference in that person’s life. Genuine empathy and compassion for her clients help them to feel comfortable and develop trust when they talk about their stories, believing that recovery is possible for them too.


With experience across multiple senior positions, including the South Australian Intensive Gambling Help Service clinical lead, the Gambling Services Coordinator for Turning Point’s National Telephone and Online Services and the Gambling Topic Coordinator and lecturer within the Master of Addictive behaviours Monash University and Flinders University, Dr Jane is a true specialist in her field.


She has published articles and book chapters, written website materials for Australian gambling programs, and given invited presentations and workshops in this area internationally. Dr Jane also has expertise in treating anxiety disorders, trauma, alcohol and drug dependence and depression, often present when someone experiences issues with gambling.

Vicky Northe

Vicky Northe is an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker with 20+ years of experience working in private practice and public mental health services both nationally and internationally, treating people experiencing addictions, including gambling and associated mental health issues. Vicky has contributed to journal articles and book chapters focusing on gambling harm, mental health treatment outcomes, and supporting families also affected by Gambling Harm.


She uses a variety of therapeutic interventions proven to be effective, including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy EMDR and Narrative therapy. Vicky has also worked in Child, Adolescent and Family Mental Health, Maternal Mental Health and Adult Mental Health.


Vicky is a skilled practitioner who is warm and genuine in her approach to clients, which helps build their trust and commitment to therapy. Her practice has proven effective in helping people overcome their gambling-related problems.