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Our family will be forever grateful to Calm Rehab in Bali. From the moment I first made contact I felt that we had found the right rehab for my nephew who was in the throes of active addiction. With the help of qualified, professional staff in a caring & compassionate environment, he was able to break the cycle of severe ice addiction.

The facility itself is western owned & operated however given the quality of the team, the program and the facilities it’s surprisingly affordable unlike some other rehabs in Bali that offer similar sounding programs. Within the beautiful riverside setting my nephew attended group sessions, educational workshops and had 1:1 counselling sessions with the most amazing counsellor who was genuinely committed to his recovery. Calm also helped him work on his physical health through nutrition and daily exercise. My nephew benefited so much from Calm’s approach and ended up really enjoying his time there, meeting new people and learning to build a solid foundation to cope with future challenges.

It was such a relief once my nephew agreed to go to rehab & when we were offered a place at Calm it was like the biggest weight had been lifted off our shoulders because as a family we knew that Calm was the best place for him to be. He’s still in recovery today and doing really well so if you are reading this review because you are desperately worried about yourself or a loved one make contact with Calm as they can really help.


My time at calm…

My name is Thomas I am a recovering alcoholic and drug addict. My addiction started when I was 14 dependant on marijuana alcohol LSD ecstasy amphetamines and experimented with cocaine and heroin. My addiction changed at 17 when I started injecting and had used my way to 53 kg of desperate person I weigh 75 kg today screaming for help I attended my first rehab which put my addiction on pause for the time I was there. When I got out I continued to suffer from my addiction for a long time until another rehab at the age of around 30 years old my addiction had worsened and I was injecting amphetamines daily and using benzodiazepine and heroin to rest from my drug of choice ICE. THIS rehab was like Nazi camp I stopped using while I was there I lived there for 13 months while we were whipped hard to WORK sit up straight etc this rehab did not work and on leaving many of us about six were using before we left.

I drugged my way back to my using weight of 50 odd k until I had had another overdose. My family and loved ones were torn apart again in desperation they contacted CALM REHAB I was chronically sick from my ICE heroin benzodiazepine ADDICTION I was meet at the airport by friendly staff who took me safely to CALM. With time I withdrew from my horrible drugs, I was fed healthy yummy food and at one stage picked up of the floor too sick to move, this is as sick as I had ever being my rock bottom.

With time my ADDICTION was explained to me I learnt why I was treating MYSELF so bad with groups and informative LECTURES and a one on one focus on understanding about my life is an shown how to live in a CLEAN and sober life style. I was truly set FREE I FEEL BORN AGAIN. ME AND MY FAMILY have nothing but ENDLESS thank your for the people at CALM if u have a chance take the opportunity of getting your life back in control the people at CALM can HELP.

Thank you CALM


My experience at Calm Rehab Bali far exceeded any expectations I could have imagined. Upon arrival I was treated with the upmost respect and compassion. The Doctors, Nurses and support staff knew I was in rough condition and that the next week entering detox would be the toughest part of my journey. Everyone made sure 24 hours a day that I was comfortable, relaxed and receiving the best medical and emotional support possible. With the teams guidance I was able to finish my detox in 7 days instead of 11 and jump right into the group and private therapy sessions.  It felt great to be actively participating in my recovery process after only one week ago being intoxicated and having no hope for recovery.

Over the course of the next three weeks the team enabled me to build a strong recovery plan along with a renewed sense of self confidence and joy for life.  The patient and loving manner in which Calm’s recovery tools are delivered allowed me to digest everything thoroughly without being overwhelmed or frustrated.  I built trust in their program immediately and this gave me the faith to be vulnerable and allow the recovery process to take root.  The practicality of the program is really what impressed me.  It is not solely a 12 step program, rather it encompasses a holistic approach to living a purposeful life without the need of alcohol or outside substances.  The group lectures covered everything from co-dependance to finding your own voice plus the neuro-science of addiction.  Although Calm is technically a Rehabilitation center, the overall vibe and demeanor of the operation is more of a guide to living a sober, happy and productive life.

I am grateful and appreciative to the entire team at Calm. The relationships that were built during my month stay have remained in tact and nurturing even after my graduation.  I believe this shows the level of dedication Calm has towards their clients. If you are considering making a change in your life for the better, please reach out to this team of understanding and passionate people.  There is nothing to loose and the world to gain.

All the best,

Johnny S

I could not be happier to write a review for Calm Rehab Bali. I live in the Los Angeles area and my son lives in Bali. When I realized my son was in deep trouble with his drinking, I was desperate to find help for him. I feared he was close to dying. Thank God, my son was able to give me the name of a friend who knew how to contact Calm Rehab. After a long and anxious night, I was able to connect with Andy at Calm. Andy was compassionate, understanding and sensed the urgency of the situation. Within 24 hours, a team was dispatched to pick up my son and, with my son’s permission, take him to rehab. I honestly believe Calm Rehab saved my son’s life. I was able to make arrangements for payment and my son began a difficult week of detox. I was deeply relieved to learn that Calm has a nurse on duty 24/7. His detox was closely supervised and managed safely. Jack kept in close contact with me and my son’s mother throughout the process. After that, my son began an intense program of rehabilitation and recovery. No phones or computers were allowed for 2 full weeks. His time was spent in classes, in personal counseling and in programs to rebuild his health. A medical doctor with training in psychology worked closely with my son and gave him the necessary tools to remain sober. Without this intense and very strict 30-day program, my son would not have made it. I am pleased to say my son is doing well. He has acquired a new sense of identity and is no longer in denial. He openly admits to having an allergy to alcohol and knows the perils of taking another drink. He is proud of himself and looks forward to helping others live a full and complete life. This is a huge step forward and a new beginning for my son.

My deepest thanks to the entire staff at Calm Rehab Bali. They handled every step of the way with professional skills and kindness. They are maintaining contact with my son and monitoring his progress. I can honestly say after 20 years of alcohol abuse my son has a new lease on life. I credit Calm Rehab and I credit my son. He has finally made the commitment to live a clean and sober life. He could not have done this without Calm. I am so grateful. I feel like I have my son back.

In deep gratitude,


I have only great things to say about Calm rehab. When I first came into the facility I was welcomed with open arms and everyone (from cleaning to the clinical staff) showed up for me professionally and also personable and kind on a daily basis. I came in broken and left feeling confident, strong and well rested. Not only did Calm offer daily mindfulness practises such as yoga and meditation; they also offered in-depth Trauma, addiction and neuroscientific education that made me understand my own disease. I left calm with a full recovery plan, a new hope for living and a world of knowledge. If you are looking for a spiritual Bali retreat in a safe environment and a professional team that understands trauma and addiction recovery – Calm is the place for you.


I will never forget the apparent dedication of the entire team at Calm. I always felt safe and that my recovery was their priority. Although I recognize Calm as a business, there was never anything that felt money driven.

My time at Calm has given me hope for the future that I didn’t have, nor could even visualize, before coming here. I’m going back to my family a much better version of the man they saw leave. I’m so grateful that I ended up at Calm of all the rehabs – I know my transformation would not have been so complete without the science-based approach to mind and body healing.

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