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The Team at Calm Rehab

Calm Rehab Bali is led by an internationally qualified clinical team which is comprised of counsellors, psychologists and dedicated group facilitators who are onsite throughout the week, complemented by our 24-hour medical team and professionally experienced support staff from the UK, Australia and Indonesia.

Our team are passionate about their work and their extensive experience in the fields of addiction, mental health and trauma ensures our clientele are in the best possible hands to make lasting positive changes while our hospitality team work tirelessly to provide a superb level of comfort for our clients for the duration of their stay.

Jack Mitchell – Founder

Jack Mitchell

Jack Mitchell

Originally from the UK, although a long-time resident of Bali, Jack is the founder of Calm Rehab and in his role as Director, oversees all aspects of Calm Rehabs operations.

Jack’s personal experiences in rehab inspired him to create not just a place to get sober, but a place that instils lasting confidence, offering ongoing support while providing the tools to enable people to live their own dreams, free from the limitations of addiction.

Onsite throughout the week and working closely with clients, Jack is passionate about demonstrating the benefits of embracing change, maintaining sobriety… and keeping a sense of humour along the way.

“Embracing life in recovery has given me so much. My goal is to help other people find hope and demonstrate that almost anything is possible if we walk the walk”.

Matthew Little MBACP – Clinical Lead

Matthew Little

Matthew Little

Highly experienced, knowledgeable and understanding, Matt works with our clients in both one-to-one sessions and during group therapy.

Working to the highest professional standards, Matt holds a Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling and is a registered member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy as well as the Federation of Drug & Alcohol Practitioners.

Matt’s own personal journey and experience of addiction have given him great empathy and understanding providing him with a passionate focus for helping others to break the cycle of addiction and live a meaningful life in recovery.

“I have a passion for working in the area of addiction because my own personal journey took me to places I never thought I could return from. Helping others find their way has provided the most rewarding experiences of my life”.

Aubrey Drew J. Lintang S.Psi – Support Counselor

Aubrey Drew J. Lintang S.Psi

Aubrey Drew J. Lintang S.Psi

A Bachelor of Psychology from UNIKA Atma Jaya University in Jakarta, Aubrey is a valuable member of Calm’s client support team where she assists clients in all aspects of their recovery program – from assisting in facilitating Group Therapy sessions through to hitting the gym.

Originally from Jakarta, Aubrey has a natural enthusiasm for helping people and feels that working within the addiction field is her calling.  Aubrey’s genuine and caring nature ensures she is a popular member of the team.

Aubrey is a talented musician and enjoys playing piano and violin in her free time.

“I enjoy working within the field of addiction because I have a passion for helping people and working with recovering addicts is my calling”.

Ian Waugh – Clinical Consultant / Aftercare & Family Support Specialist

Ian Waugh

Ian Waugh

Based on the Gold Coast Australia, Ian is working with Calm to enhance and develop the services offered to our overseas clientele and their families while also sharing his extensive experience and knowledge with our in-house clinical team.

Ian is a Gestalt trained psychotherapist and addiction recovery specialist with over 20 years’ experience and offers support across a range of concerns. Ian is highly qualified and experienced, holding a Masters of Gestalt Therapy as well as a Diploma of Alcohol and Other Drugs, with clinical registration through the Australian Counselling Association.

Through his lived experience of addiction and recovery along with extensive clinical training, Ian has developed a relational approach with an emphasis on genuine relating. This enables Ian to best support our clientele and their families in resolving the difficulties that arise from living with active addiction along with the treatment and post treatment stages of the recovery process.

Courtney Jane – Client Support

Courtney Jane

Courtney Jane

Originally from Australia, Courtney moved to Bali after making a major lifestyle and career change and has now dedicated her life to working with others and now works closely with Calm’s clients, helping them free themselves from the limitations of active addiction.

Courtney is an important member of Calm’s Client Support Team and her caring nature, energy and positivity are highly valued by our clients. Courtney spent years in active addiction herself and so understands first-hand what many of our clients have been through, as well as the challenges that recovery can bring.

“I love seeing the change in people who often come in feeling broken but leave with a smile on their face, with goals for the future and a solid foundation to build upon”.

Lukman – Client Support



Born and raised in West Java, Indonesia, Lukman has plentiful experience working within the field of addiction and now works with Calm’s clients, sharing his insights, experience and strength in the role of Client Support.

A qualified counselor, Lukman is really popular with Calm’s clients given his gentle and relaxed nature, and calming energy. Lukman spent many years battling various substances and is living proof that lasting change is possible. Lukman managed to turn his life around more than 6 years ago, has been clean and sober ever since and is now dedicated to helping others recover.

“I really enjoy working in this environment because I get to see my former self in the eyes of new clients, I enjoy listening to them and hearing about their journey and I know that I might be able to say a little something that helps them in the future”.

Nick Royan – Client Support

Nick Royan

Nick Royan

Nick is from the northern beaches of Sydney and from a young age spent years in active addiction before going through intensive rehabilitation himself and turning his life around. Nick now shares his experience, strength and hope with Calm’s clients in his role as Client Support and his good sense of humour and down-to-earth nature make him a valuable member of the team.

Nick is a keen surfer with a passion for travel, food and 12 Step recovery. As well as holding a Diploma in Alcohol and Other Drugs, Nick is also a fully qualified Personal Trainer and works with our clients on an individual basis to assist them in improving their physical health.

when I was struggling my addiction caused ripples throughout my family, friends and community, now that I am sober I have learned that by giving back I can help others who are in the same position that I was in and show them that there is a way out

Rizki – Client Support



Joined the support team at Calm Rehab in 2020 and was born and raised in Pontianak, West Borneo.

An excellent artist, Rizki has a great sense of humour and enjoys supporting our clients, sharing his own stories along the way. Having previously been in active addiction himself Rizki understands the challenges faced by our clients, particularly in those early days and it is a pleasure to have him in our team.

Rizki is trained in addiction counselling and has many years of professional experience working in treatment centers.

“I decided that I wanted to dedicate my life to helping people. I was fortunate enough to find help when I really needed it and so to be able to give back is incredibly rewarding”.

Asta – Client Support



Born and raised in Bali, Indonesia, Asta has worked in the addiction field for 4 years and now works at Calm Rehab where she supports our clients on a daily basis, while also assisting with the charity efforts of our foundation.

Asta has been a certified addiction counselor since 2016 however also has education and qualifications in the field of law.

“Recovery is like cycling, whenever I stop. I fall. I really enjoy working in this environment because it reminds me who I am, where I come from and most importantly that recovery is possible.”

Wayan Sudarma – Legal Consultant

Wayan Sudarma

Wayan Sudarma

Wayan had a long distinguished career at a law firm here in Bali and now assists Calm in ensuring we are fully compliant with all local licensing authorities while providing his insight into any cultural matters.

Wayan is passionate about helping people and assists Calm’s founders with their foundation’s community work. When not working with Calm, Wayan enjoys riding his motorcycles and spending time with his family.

Desy Purwanti, S.KEP – Head Nurse

Desy Purwanti, S.KEP

Desy Purwanti, S.KEP

Desy was born and raised in Bali and works full time at Calm Rehab leading a team of qualified nurses in overseeing the health, comfort and well-being of all our clients.

Desy enjoys helping people and her caring nature and medical knowledge make her a major asset to Calm.  Desy has the ability to empathize and connect with our clients in a personal yet professional manner working to international standards at all times.

“I find working at Calm Rehab to be very rewarding, every day I learn something new and love working with our clients and seeing them get healthier”

Nia Ardiya Sari, AMD.KEP – Nurse

Nia Ardiya Sari, AMD.KEP

Nia Ardiya Sari, AMD.KEP

Completing her diploma and graduating from Nursing Academy in 2016, Nia now works alongside Desy in supporting the health and wellbeing of our clients.

Nia has a calm, relaxed and caring nature which helps our clients feel at home, while her professional knowledge and excellent communication skills ensure the highest standards of care are met.

In her spare time, Nia enjoys traditional dancing and socializing with friends.

I love being part of the team here, everyone enjoys the work we do and I think that translates very well to our clients. It is great to be able to help them feel better and to be a part of their journey.”

Dr Joy Reverger – Psychiatrist

Based at Siloam Hospital, Dr Joy is a Board Certified Psychiatrist who assists Calm in meeting the varying psychiatric needs of our clients.

Dr Joy is an expert in her field and provides her insight, advice and assistance to Calm’s clinical team as well as consulting directly with our clients when required.

Beam – Rehab Dog

Beam - Rehab Dog


Born in Singapore and raised in Bali, Beam is an 8 year old Golden Retriever who was adopted by Calm in early 2019. He is very friendly, gentle and caring and can usually be found “helping” the gardening team or sleeping under the desk in the management office!