The Team

The Team at Calm Rehab

Calm Rehab Bali is led by an internationally qualified clinical team which is comprised of counsellors, psychologists and dedicated group facilitators who are onsite throughout the week, complemented by our 24-hour medical team and professionally experienced support staff from the UK, Australia and Indonesia.

Our team are passionate about their work and their extensive experience in the fields of addiction, mental health and trauma ensures our clientele are in the best possible hands to make lasting positive changes while our hospitality team work tirelessly to provide a superb level of comfort for our clients for the duration of their stay.

Jack – Founder

Originally from the UK, although a long-time resident of Bali, Jack is the founder of Calm Rehab and oversees all aspects of Calm Rehab’s managerial operations. Jack also works with our clients prior to their arrival at Calm to help prepare their treatment plans and provide early stage support.


Jack’s personal experiences in rehab inspired him to create not just a place to get sober, but a place that instils lasting confidence, offering ongoing support while providing the tools to enable people to live their own dreams, free from the limitations of addiction and mental health challenges.


Jack is passionate about person centered treatment, demonstrating the benefits of embracing change, staying motivated… and keeping a sense of humour along the way.


“The reality as I see it, is that there are so many different ways to overcome problematic substance use. The challenge is finding the right approach for the individual, and identifying what is going on behind the scenes that is driving the addictive behaviours. One we have worked through these underlying issues, the future is bright”.

Andy – Director of Operations

Andy launched Calm together with Jack back in 2018 and as our Director of Operations he oversees all areas of the company.


With a long established background in Business Management, Andy brings to Calm a steady hand helping with financial planning, business growth and sustainability while managing human resources and promoting the professional development of Calm’s staff.


Andy also has a passion for community work and is the driving force behind Calm’s charitable foundation which provides mental health support services and rehabilitation to disadvantaged communities across the island.

Dr. Joy, Sp.KJ – Consulting Psychiatrist

Dr Joy, Sp.KJ is Calm’s consulting Psychiatric Doctor whereby she assists Calm in meeting the varying psychiatric needs of our clients.

Highly knowledgeable, understanding and supportive, Dr Joy is truly an expert in her field. She provides her insight, advice and assistance to Calm’s clinical and medical teams, as well as consulting directly with our clients as required.

Dr Joy completed her Psychiatric Specialist education at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia. Dr. Joy is a member of the Indonesian Association of Mental Medicine Specialists (PDSKJI), as well as the Indonesian Doctors Association (IDI).

Nick – Facility Manager

Our Facility Manager, Nick is from the northern beaches of Sydney and from a young age spent years struggling with substance abuse, gambling harm and his overall mental health before going through intensive rehabilitation himself and turning his life around.


Nowadays Nick oversees all day-to-day operations working closely with the heads of each department to ensure the smooth functioning of the facility, while his good sense of humour and down-to-earth nature make him a valuable member of the team.


Nick is a passionate mental health campaigner with a passion for travel, food and fitness. As well as holding a Diploma in Alcohol and Other Drugs, Nick is also a fully qualified Personal Trainer.


“when I was struggling my behaviour impacted my family, friends and community, now that I have made positive changes, and continue to work on myself, I have learned that by giving back I can help others who are in the same position that I was in and show them that there is a way out”

Dr. Witsqa – Clinical Manager

Dr. Witsqa is a passionate medical doctor from Jakarta, who graduated with dual degrees and honours from Universitas Indonesia and University of Melbourne.

She is currently the Clinical Manager at Calm where she applies the knowledge she acquired through her work as a research assistant in the Psychiatry Department in Indonesia’s National Hospital (RSCM-FKUI), as well as her certifications from Johns Hopkins and Yale University on Psychological First Aid and Addiction Treatment, combined with her medical knowledge as a general practitioner.

Aside from her work at Calm Rehab in Bali, Dr Witsqa is also the co-founder of a non-profit mental health organisation, a public speaker, and a mental health empowerment coach supporting mental health inequity and destigmatizing mental health disorders in Indonesia.

Alessandro Di Ilio – Counsellor

Alessandro is a certified addiction counsellor and an addict in recovery. He has worked for several clinics throughout South East Asia and Europe. He is also certified and specialised in dual diagnoses and is known for his direct but caring approach.


Alessandro is an experienced recovery coach and uses his own personal experience to connect with Calm’s clients, sharing how he overcame his own battle with addiction. He is also trained in various boxing styles and has a passion for health and fitness as well as being an adventurer – enthusiastic to discover foreign cultures and countries.


Spirituality became his guideline and meditation, yoga and remaining active play a significant part of his own recovery, experience he is keen to share with Calm’s clients.


“For me the challenging nature of this work is the most rewarding, I also feel honoured to be able to play a part in the recovery journey of other people, while getting frequent reminders of where I came from personally”.

Princess – Senior Support

Princess is our senior support manager whereby she leads our professional support team to ensure clients receive the highest standard of care and support around the clock. Her role includes providing support to the Facility Manager, managing all paperwork and helping to manage all online systems. She is also involved with the activities of Calm’s charitable foundation which provides support to disadvantaged communities.


Princess is originally from Jakarta, but has been a Bali resident for almost all her life. Princess’ hobbies include running, jungle trekking, travel, photography and kicking back with Netflix.


“I like working here, mainly because it is a positive and supportive environment and also because I find it rewarding. I have grown in confidence since I started with Calm way back when we first opened, and now play a hands on role in day to day operations, always looking for ways we can improve”.

Jovita – Client Support

Originally from Jakarta, Jovita graduated university with a Bachelors Degree in Psychology and in 2022 she joined Calm. Jovita works within the client support team here at Calm to help our clients to achieve their various goals.


Jovita’s interest in Clinical Psychology led her to a number of volunteer positions with various government departments, where she developed an interest in rehabilitation.


When Jovita isn’t working she can often be found volunteering, playing sports, or enjoying down time with friends and family.


“I like work which lets me interact with people and where no two days are the same. I wouldn’t want to work in an office and so working alongside the clinical team here at Calm, providing close support to our clients is really what I enjoy”.

Gabriel – Client Support

Gabriel is a popular member of our support team, whereby he works closely with our clients providing informal support and encouragement, assisting throughout the day.


Gabriel initially studied aviation at university however faced struggles with addiction which he successfully overcame through Smart Recovery, an approach to recovery which he shares with our clients.


Gabriel’s hobbies including sports and travel.


“I really enjoy working at Calm, it’s rewarding and can also be great fun, especially seeing the clients grow in confidence – looking and feeling much healthier. It means I go home and smile”.

Wira – Client Support

Wira is one of the more creative members of Calm’s treatment team, with a strong interest in music and art. As well as supporting our clients and spending time facilitating excursions Wira also runs Art Therapy sessions whereby clients have the opportunity to explore their emotions through art.


Wira works tirelessly to help our clients however he can, and always with a smile on his face. He is qualified through ICAP Recovery Support Examinations.


“I like being able to bring my own experiences to the program, particularly rewarding for me is being able to use art to inspire others”.

Dwik AMD.KEP – Head Nurse

Dwik joined the team in early 2021 and in her role as Head Nurse she coordinates with our consulting doctors, while overseeing the rest of the onsite team of nurses to ensure our clients receive the highest standards of care around the clock.


Dwik graduated with a Diploma Level 3 from STIKES university here in Bali in 2015 and has worked for 8 years as a full time nurse, with 3 years spent working exclusively within the rehabilitation setting whereby established herself as a real favorite amongst the clients she works with due to her sense of humor and excellent communication skills.


“For me working within this environment presents exciting challenges as I get to work closely with such a wide range of people, with different stories and different needs. I love being part of the team here, everyone enjoys the work we do and I think that translates very well to our clients”.

Dr. Ristie

Dr. Ristie, MBiomed (AAM) – Consulting General Practitioner

Dr. Ristie, MBiomed (AAM) is the Consulting General Practitioner with Calm Rehab. She is available to consult with our clients to ensure their general health needs are met.


Previously based at BIMC (Bali International Medical Centre) and now with her own successful practice, Dr Ristie is one of the most respected and professional doctors in Bali, who brings a wealth of experience to Calm’s medical team.


Dr. Ristie is available to visit our clients for private consultation, or see them at her nearby family practice, located at Tamora Gallery.

Gede Arya – Chef

Arya has been with us since we first opened our doors, making sure our clients enjoy mouth watering cuisine tailored to their specific needs throughout their stay. He is able to cater to any dietary requirement, and his meals are often one of the highlights of our client’s day.

When he is not busy running our onsite kitchen and serving nutritious meals, Arya can often be found challenging clients to a game of table tennis!

Arya holds a diploma 3 in Food & Beverage.

“My passion since as long as I can remember has been food, which is shared with my family. I really appreciate seeing our guests socialising together over meals I have prepared for them”.

Amanda – yoga teacher

Amanda was born and raised in Bali. She was first introduced to yoga by a friend, telling her that yoga can heal the mind and make the body stronger and healthier. She found this very inspirational, in turn it gave her the motivation to start practicing. She was able to discover how yoga works for her, really build on the mind, body and soul both off and on the mat. This created a strong passion to delve deeper into the practice and she completed her scholarship of 200 hours of Yoga teacher training in Ubud and also 100 hours of aerial yoga.


Amanda is currently teaching meditation, hatha, vinyasa, restorative, yin and also aerial yoga.


When Amanda isn’t practicing yoga she can usually be found surfing some of Bali’s world class surf breaks.

Beam – Rehab Dog

Born in Singapore and raised in Bali, Beam is an 8 year old Golden Retriever who was adopted by Calm in early 2019. 

He is very friendly, gentle and caring and can usually be found “helping” the gardening team or sleeping under the desk in the management office!