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What we do

Treating addiction and trauma in Bali

Calm Rehab Bali is not a sober living retreat, we are a specialist addiction and psychological trauma treatment center providing an effective, practical and evidence-based program of recovery within a naturally beautiful and spacious riverside environment. Client intake is limited to ensure maximum effectiveness and our results-based program has been developed to international clinical standards and is tailored to the individual needs of our clients, with counselling, support and clinical staff on site 7 days a week.

Upon arrival at our facility all clients will meet with Calm Rehab’s doctor who will perform an overall health assessment and, if required, will commence a medicated detox program which adheres to international standards of practice. A medicated detox is included in the cost of the program and is available for those of our clients who require it. Our dedicated nursing staff are onsite 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to administer any prescription medications and oversee the health and comfort of our clientele.

A typical weekday in our rehab benefits from lots of structure, with all clients attending 2-3 different group sessions each day. These counsellor-facilitated sessions are where clients identify with each other, explore their feelings and present their assignments to the rest of the group in a shame-free, non-judgmental environment. All clients also receive a minimum of two confidential one-to-one counselling sessions per week with their dedicated counsellor.

Complementing the therapeutic groups and one-to-one counselling sessions are a variety of tailored physical and mental wellness activities which are held throughout the week. These include yoga, group fitness sessions, guided meditation groups and therapeutic massage.

To further support our clients’ recovery Calm Rehab works with a highly qualified Australian nutritionist who has developed a meal plan which is not only delicious but also aids recovery of healthy brain function through diet. Our nutritionist’s suggestion is available at every meal time for our clients’ consideration.  We can also cater to individual’s specific eating requirements such as those who follow Halal, Vegan and vegetarian diets.

During the evening clients may attend a recovery meeting or take part in a group activity, while during downtime clients may enjoy the many facilities at Calm. These include 2 swimming pools, Ping-Pong table, library, fitness suite and large tropical gardens.

Every weekend clients enjoy outings to experience some of the stunning attractions that make Bali a world-famous tourist destination. These outings include visits to picturesque beaches, luxury spa treatments and jungle walks, while the more adventurous may enjoy more challenging activities such as white water rafting or quad biking.

Our Residential Program runs for 30, 60 and 90 days providing our clients with various tools to help them rest, recover and make lasting lifestyle changes – the beginning of a journey towards a more rewarding, happier and healthier life.

Included in our service are VIP airport arrangements and private transfers to and from the rehab. All meals, luxury accommodation, counselling services and both therapeutic and recreational activities are also included in the price of the program.