Top Reasons Why The Environment Helps Those in A Rehab Facility

Dealing with people’s drug and alcohol-related problems are much more complicated than they seem. Often, many jump to unnecessary conclusions. This is why there is still a stigma around different types of addictions. 

When it comes to substance abuse, many feel that it is merely a product of bad choices. S/he should just have said no. Others, meanwhile, believe that addictions are just bad habits they need to remove in their life. Some even think that “addicts” are just weak or are merely moral failures.

But these do not present a full picture of what an addiction is. There are a lot of factors involved and we cannot paint everyone with a broad brush. This is why a rehab must employ a highly effective and proven clinical approach to dealing with people who suffer from the condition.

Aside from the treatment program, an overlooked aspect of treatment is the environment. Many people do not realize how big a factor this is for those who want to recover. Here is a list of some major reasons why the environment is crucial for treatment.

A suitable environment shields a person from old cues of addiction.

There is a smart reason why people opt to go to rehab facilities overseas. There is something therapeutic about going to a new and exotic place that helps in recovery.

One of the main reasons for this is that it is hard to leave old habits behind when you still see old friends who were part of your addiction. How can you be on the road to recovery if you still see temptations regularly?

The key here is aside from the willingness to leave old patterns of behaviour behind, this must be supplemented by physical distance. If not, no matter how hard one tries, one small environmental cue can bring them back to their old life. 

So it is necessary to enter a new place where there will be no opportunities to go back easily. In the same way that a bad environment can have negative effects, a facility with relaxing surroundings will greatly help people stay sober as well.

Nature helps speed up the process of recovery.

How would you feel if you are confined in a small, dark, and damp place when you are already anxious and stressed? Would you be inspired to feel and be better in such an environment?

Now compare that picture with an area with many open spaces, where you are surrounded by lots of lush trees and plants. When you look up, you can see the blue skies and feel the warmth of the sun on your skin.

Now is this a more suitable place that’s conducive to rest and recovery? It is, right?

In fact, studies have shown that after adequate exposure to greenery, some people reported losing appetite for cigarettes, alcohol, and the like. If you want to recover quickly and effectively, nature is your friend. So when you are looking for a rehab for you or your loved ones, look at places where you have access to nature.

Being close to nature has calming effects for most people.

Entering a rehab facility is a stressful experience. One will be away from friends and family to live in a new place and be with new people. In addition, s/he knows that it will be a time to confront destructive life habits. The prospects of all of these can be overwhelming for anyone.

But if one is surrounded by nature, s/he will be more at peace. 

An open environment that allows physical activities has many benefits.

Another important ingredient of recovery and rehabilitation is the introduction of safe and appropriate physical activities. 

Obviously, you do not want to make participants train as if they are competing in the Olympics. This will just add unnecessary stress and pressure. This is not the point of having exercise in the recovery program.

What we mean here is that those in the facility must be allowed to engage in regular exercise. When one is active, his/her body produces endorphins. These are naturally-produced happy hormones. 

A workout program will also help participants’ mind activity as exercise helps promote active brain function.


If you or a loved one needs the help of addiction professionals, do not hesitate any longer. This is a decision that can save not just one life, but many generations.

These days, since we know more about struggles with alcohol, drugs, and other substances, there are more effective methods that respect people and where they are coming from. What’s great about newer methods is that they are designed specifically for each person’s needs. A lot will depend on their background and short- and long-term goals.

This does not have to be a traumatic experience as well. A lot of facilities now know the importance of a relaxing and peaceful environment. These are not just optional requirements for treatment, but necessary ingredients that will help participants in their journey to recovery.

When you are looking for that perfect facility, just make sure that they employ a holistic approach that factors in clinical treatment, nutrition, recreation, and environment, among others. Most of the time, successful treatments happen overseas because of the benefits we have just mentioned. When you research, for sure, you will find a drug and alcohol rehab in Bali that has all these components.

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