Why Bali?

Calm Rehab Bali

What are the benefits of rehab overseas?

There are a number of reasons why it may be in the individual’s best interest to consider overseas rehabilitation, primarily the change in environment can have an incredibly beneficial effect. By removing oneself from distractions, triggers and familiarity and entering a tranquil, beautiful and safe environment the therapeutic advantages and healing benefits are huge. As well as being more cost-effective, seeking treatment overseas also offers the privacy and anonymity that many people prefer when considering residential rehabilitation.

So why Bali?

Getting here is relatively easy, with an international airport servicing flight arrivals from around the world. Bali is just a few hours travel time from Australia, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, with numerous direct flights from Europe.


Bali is much more than a place though, it is a unique culture, a tropical sanctuary and above all a feeling. Enjoying a tropical climate throughout the year, Bali offers mouthwatering cuisine, picturesque beaches, inspirational sunsets, rolling rice fields and dramatic mountain regions. With Hindu temples found practically everywhere, and a very gentle pace of life, Bali has a spiritual identity like nowhere else making it the ideal location to begin healing.

And why Calm?

Calm Rehab in Bali provides an incredibly effective non-12 Step program which has been developed to International Clinical Standards, we use a range of therapies that are results-based and our experienced and professional team are quite simply the best around. Our riverside estate is also exceptionally beautiful and provides the ideal place in which to build the foundations for a better life and a brighter future.