Planning Your Trip

Planning your trip

Planning your trip to Calm

Bali is one of the world’s most visited holiday destinations, so chances are you already know what to expect. For those that have not visited Bali before, here is some information designed to help you plan your trip & ensure a smooth arrival into the country.


Payment Process

Our Client Liason Manager can talk you through the payment options available, however, in general, we accept payment via international transfer to our facility bank account here in Bali. It is our policy that all programs are paid for prior to admission, however, programs in excess of 30 days may be eligible for payment plans.


We also accept deposits to secure placement in our facility. The remaining balance may be paid prior to arrival.



Indonesian regulations state that everyone who enters the country must have a return or onward ticket out of the country.


We suggest you book an inexpensive or flexible return ticket so that this can be changed at minimal cost at a later date should you need to.


We ask that a copy of your flight itinerary is be provided to us prior to travel.



The welfare and safety of all clients at Calm Rehab is paramount to us. We, therefore, insist that you have basic healthcare insurance covering Indonesia in place for the duration of your stay.


Proof of insurance should be provided to us prior to travel.



Under Indonesian Law, passports must have at least 6 months validity from the date of arrival in Indonesia. Passports should also have a minimum of 3 unstamped pages. We ask you to check this prior to departing from your country of origin.


We ask that you please provide us with a copy of the identification page of your passport and a recent photo prior to travel.



Indonesia grants the majority of nations a free visa on arrival to Denpasar Airport which is non-extendable and valid for 30 days only, the list of applicable nations can be checked on the Indonesia Governments website.


Upon arrival at the airport, there is the option to purchase a Visa on Arrival for USD 35.00, payable in all major international currencies. This visa is initially valid for 30 days however allows for an extension to an additional 30 days without leaving the country. We recommend all clients purchase the extendable visa even if you only plan to stay for 30 days.


For clients wishing to stay beyond 60 days, your Client Liason Manager will advise you of the best visa procedure to follow prior to your arrival.


Prescription Medication

Any prescription medication you may be required to take should come with a doctor’s note and be in original packaging. Please bring enough medication for the duration of your stay.


VIP Service

We provide all clients with VIP service at the airport. Upon arrival, you will be met by our airport assistant who will guide you through the airport, and help you with your bags and accompany you to our staff & private car.


What to Bring

Bali enjoys tropical temperatures throughout the year so please pack accordingly. Please also note that bedding and towels are provided and laundry is collected twice a week, so one week’s worth of clothing will be sufficient.


  • Clothes: Loose and comfortable clothes suitable for the climate.
  • Flip-flops/thongs: For easy everyday use.
  • Sunglasses and Sunscreen: Remember this is Bali and it does get hot!
  • Sportswear, including trainers: Required when using our onsite fitness suite and the offsite fitness centre.
  • Swimwear: We have 2 swimming pools on site and you will also access an offsite fitness centre, as well as beaches… so don’t forget your swimmers!
  • Toiletries: All bedrooms are stocked with complimentary toiletries (shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste). If you require additional or specialist toiletries then please bring them along. Please be aware that mouthwash containing alcohol is not permitted.
  • Medication: Please see the section above relating to prescription medication.
  • Mobile Phone/Personal Technology: Mobile phones and internet accessible technology will be securely stored in the office and can be used during designated times.
  • Spending money: For cigarettes, special toiletries, souvenirs and any medication prescribed to you while you are here.