Overcoming Addiction in Later Life: The Benefits of Treatment for Older Adults

Through our extensive experience with drug rehab in Bali, we have seen first-hand how effective and beneficial addiction treatment can be for more mature people. While some in our profession make the mistake of assuming that addiction is something only really worth treating in younger adults – those who still have their whole life ahead of them – we have not found this to be the case. We have derived an enormous amount of pleasure and satisfaction from successfully treating addiction in older adults and we would like to share some of our thoughts on the subject, in the hope we may help more people to realise that they have so much to gain by overcoming their substance abuse issues.

Why Rehabilitation Is So Important for Older Adults

Whether you are in your 60s, 70s or 80s, or perhaps even more mature, there are several very important benefits you can look forward to if you are able to overcome your addiction to drugs or alcohol.

  • Improved Health – Even if you are now in your 70s or 80s, you could enjoy a noticeable improvement in your health if you can conquer your addiction. Long-term drug and alcohol abuse can lead to a number of chronic conditions, some of which are completely reversible in the event the abuse stops. Other conditions may not be completely reversible but can still improve considerably. With this in mind, we hope you can see that it is always worth the time and effort it takes to overcome addiction, whether you are 18 or 88.
  • Healthier Finances – No matter what substances you may be addicted to, overcoming your addiction is sure to lead to improved personal finances. In addition to the money you save by no longer buying alcohol or drugs, you will probably find that you waste less on eating junk food, and other activities that are often associated with substance abuse. If you decide to undergo treatment at a rehab facility such as ours, you will of course have to pay for the programme in which you enrol. However, the money you spend on your recovery is likely to come back to you many times over in the future, due to new and more controlled spending habits
  • Longevity – The reason that some people believe it is not worth treating addiction in older adults may have something to do with the fact that such addicts have already led quite long lives. These therapists and counsellors may reason that no matter how successful their treatment programmes for addiction in older adults may be, they will not add many years to the lives of senior citizens. As we have already made clear, we do not agree with this point of view. A 65-year-old man or woman who has been battling substance abuse issues for many years may very well be nearing the end of their life without some kind of effective intervention. However, with the right treatment, they may be able to beat their addiction and enjoy 20 or 30 more years on this beautiful planet. Even an extra decade is surely worth making the effort for in our opinion.
  • Ability to Enjoy Physical Activities – People that have been dealing with a chronic addiction for many years are often unaware of just how much it is affecting the way they lead their lives. A long-term alcoholic, for example, may simply assume that it is normal to feel tired after walking to the local shops or to no longer be able to enjoy walks in the countryside once they are in their 60s. Such people are often very surprised at just how much they can accomplish once they stop punishing their bodies with toxic substances.
  • Better Relationships with Friends and Family – One of the saddest aspects of addiction in older adults is the deterioration in personal relationships that it inevitably causes. Even the most loving and determined of family members may eventually decide that enough is enough and choose to withdraw their love and support at a certain point in time. If you would like the opportunity to mend some of the broken relationships that your addiction has caused, you should seriously consider a rehabilitation programme. The look of delight on your loved ones’ faces when they hear the news of your successful rehabilitation will be more than worth the effort you put into the recovery process.
  • Clarity of Mind – We mentioned earlier that many addicts are unable to see the debilitating effect that their addiction is having on their physical health. Unfortunately, the same goes for mental health issues in the majority of cases. Once you kick your addiction and lead a healthier lifestyle, you will almost certainly enjoy a greater clarity of mind. Whether you used to love completing cryptic crosswords or simply talking about recent events with friends, greater clarity of mind will enable you to enjoy these activities again.
  • Genuine Peace and Happiness – It is a sad irony that the peace and happiness addicts are seeking through substance abuse is the one thing they are guaranteed not to be able to enjoy until they stop their addictive behaviour. If you are currently addicted to drugs or alcohol, you will not need to be told this of course but we think it bears repeating as it is such an important point. Only by facing your addiction and overcoming it will you be able to enjoy lasting peace and real happiness.
  • The Opportunity to Help Others – In many people’s opinions, including ours, one of the very worst things about addiction in older adults is the opportunities that people miss because of their chronic substance abuse. The opportunity to help others is just one example but a very important one nonetheless. Having successfully beaten your own addiction, you will be in a position to share your experiences with others who suffer from similar addictions and maybe even to help them begin the recovery process themselves. The great satisfaction that helping others brings really cannot be understated as far as we are concerned.

With all of these benefits to look forward to, it is well worth enrolling in a mature adults rehab programme, either here in Bali or in another part of the world that may be convenient. Whether you personally suffer from addiction issues or you are concerned about a close friend or family member who does, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss the range of bespoke treatment options we have to offer here at Calm Rehab.

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