Getting back to the best version of yourself with effective addiction rehab programs

Throughout life, we all face troubling times. Often, through little to no fault of our own, we can end up in a dark place, lost for what to do to get back to the best versions of ourselves. Seeking advice can be biased, whether on the internet or through close friends and relatives. The only way to really know the right path is to understand what options are out there. Hopefully, this article will give you a better understanding of some available treatments for successfully recovering from addiction.

Seeking help

Making the transition towards actively seeking a better future is never easy. It takes strength to eliminate your denials and move forward. The word addict can carry a lot of negative connotations that we feel are counter-productive in the recovery process. Addiction is often linked to so much more, and until you start seeking help from professionals, it can be challenging to realise this. It is important not to let other people’s judgement push you back; the world of rehabilitation is a positive place where you will find the hope that others might not be able to give you. It is a place of encouragement where one is reintroduced into a healthy routine and lifestyle that will conquer addiction one step at a time. It is important to remember that not all rehabilitation methods are the same. For instance, some people are put off by the 12-step program that relies heavily on faith and spirituality to beat addiction. For many people, this is not the right way, and we understand that, so let us introduce you to another method that helps people become the best versions of themselves. 

What is a non-12-step program?

A non-12-step rehabilitation program is an effective clinical approach, rather than reliance on faith and spirituality, which many feel out of touch with. This promotes accountability and provides perspective on the reality of the situation, giving patients the power to control their addiction and take responsibility for their actions. It is based on therapy, group counselling, introducing a healthy routine, and locating the core issues where the problem most likely started. It is essential to be surrounded by a progressive and caring environment when recovering from addiction; this goes beyond the facility you choose and the professionals treating you. The location also plays a large part in a successful recovery.

Choosing the proper environment is crucial. 

The environment is one of the most important things to consider when choosing a rehab facility. Most people have found a higher success rate in their recovery when they select the right setting for them. Rehabilitation abroad is a popular choice because many benefits aren’t possible at home. Firstly, it completely removes people from their usual environment and eliminates the triggers they find at home. The new environment can create psychological rewards that rehab at home wouldn’t do. Patients are more likely to welcome a supportive environment when they don’t have the temptation of a counteracting one. A chance to step back and evaluate things is far more likely when placed in a new, tranquil world.

 On top of this, it gives the patient much more discretion than at home. If they don’t want family members or close friends to know about their problems with drug or alcohol addiction, overseas rehabilitation is definitely the best choice. Bali is often mentioned as an excellent place for rehabilitation, and there are plenty of reasons why. Bali is a one-of-a-kind, tropical sanctuary surrounded by calming nature, incredible culture, and picturesque shores. Its geographical location boasts a beautiful climate all year round, so the weather is always on your side. On top of this, the food is some of the most delicious in Asia. Being surrounded by such an uplifting environment is important when trying to overcome a struggle with addiction. The combination of a fantastic location and supportive professionals will give anyone a leg-up in their recovery journey. 

Who is rehab for?

It can sometimes be vague as to what constitutes the need for one to go to rehab. There are a few reasons why someone might need to. The most common cause is that drinking and drugs are no longer a choice. Different drugs affect people in different ways, and one of the side effects is dependency. This is found frequently with alcohol, prescription drugs, recreational drugs, heroin, and opioids. When the use of substances is no longer a choice, it can negatively impact your physical and mental health; and those around you. Substance use disorder can result in job loss, housing struggles, failing relationships, health problems, brain damage, mental health disorders, and fatal accidents. It is something that needs to be treated straight away. Anyone is susceptible to the risks of drug use, and it can subtly begin to consume one’s life. Rehab can also be used to deal with past trauma and provide vital assistance in emotional and physical recovery. 

What we offer

At Calm Rehab in Bali, we provide the perfect surroundings for a successful recovery. The first step is our non-judgmental attitude that creates a shame-free environment. We use many psychotherapy techniques that we tailor to our client’s needs. This includes and goes beyond cognitive behaviour therapy, person-centred therapy, and mindfulness. To locate the negative core, we aim to analyse all aspects of our client’s lives, whether it be work, family, or recreation. When this is achieved, it is indeed possible to understand how to introduce healthy change and integrate it into an ordinary routine. 

All clients participate in two group counselling sessions every weekday, which promotes a feeling of togetherness while everyone supports each other in their recovery. Physical activity is also essential to boost natural levels of endorphins; there is no shortage of this with our on-site pools and gym. To assist clients in their recovery, we also have a top chef that provides nutritious and delicious meals every day. Another important thing is recreational activity. One of the critical components of recovery is to reintroduce positive social interactions. With our recreation programs, clients can rediscover and find new hobbies, making them part of their daily routine. 

Don’t be afraid to ask.

If you feel that addiction has encroached on your life, and believe it is time to seek help, then there is no need to worry or overthink the first steps of recovery. Ask for help. Everyone deserves to be the best version of themselves, and with the help of an effective addiction rehab program, you can. Check out our rehab facility in Bali; we are fully equipped to get you back on your feet again. Remember, there is no judgment at Calm Rehab, and we can tailor a treatment to suit your needs in a supportive and positive environment in a stunning tropical paradise. Our facility houses up to ten clients, so we can put the maximum amount of focus on you while reintegrating you back into a healthy and social routine. Your life is yours to live, so start your journey to recovery today. 

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