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15 Warning Signs that Indicate Your Loved One is Addicted to Drugs

One of the biggest nightmares a family could face is realising that their loved one is addicted to drugs. Initially, the signs may not be noticeable but as they plunge deeper into their addiction, the signs become more evident. The challenge comes with figuring out if this is exactly the case. Keep in mind that behavioural changes are not only tied to drug use, but also mental health concerns like anxiety, depression, and other related conditions.

If you notice that your loved one is acting strange or behaving in a way that just doesn’t add up, it’s best to err on the side of caution instead of turning a blind eye. Communication plays a crucial role in finding out if your loved one is addicted to drugs. You want to discuss the topic in a consoling manner and have an open conversation without making them feel guilty about their drug addiction.

That said, it’s important for them to realise that this kind of behaviour is not acceptable. Encourage them to reach out for help and give them the kind of support they need. A loved one cannot fight their battles with addiction alone and it’s absolutely necessary to get help from professionals.

Here are 15 warning signs that could very well indicate your loved one is addicted to drugs.

  1. Secretive behaviour

They’ve become secretive with their actions. They’re mostly away from home in an effort to conceal their addiction. They keep a tight lip when asked about their whereabouts and they lie or change the subject immediately.

  1. Lack of personal hygiene

They may start to neglect their personal hygiene as a result of their addiction. They can become more focused on getting their daily dosage instead of taking a shower or brushing their teeth. 

  1. Changes in the relationship

They start distancing themselves from their loved ones to avoid getting caught. They don’t attend important events and family gatherings because they fear being judged by their friends and family members.

  1. Drastic changes in their appearance

Their skin may appear dry, they may have bloodshot eyes and they may have lost weight drastically. Odd wound marks and scars on their body are also an indication of their drug use.

  1. Lack of interest in previous hobbies

They stopped doing their hobbies and interests that they used to enjoy. If they love playing basketball, you won’t see them playing on the court anymore. They’ve substituted their hobbies with their addiction to drugs.

  1. Running out of money

Always appearing like they have no money in their pockets. They may borrow money from you frequently and become secretive or defensive if you ask where they’re spending their money.

  1. Staying out late

They come home during odd hours, mostly when everyone’s asleep. Often staying out late no matter which day of the week it is.

  1. Unexplained mood swings

They get irritated easily and they suffer from unexplained mood swings, some of which are volatile in nature.

  1. Lack of motivation

They seem depressed and unmotivated to basically do anything. You can tell there’s no enthusiasm in their eyes and show signs of being withdrawn mood.

  1. Inability to focus

They lack focus when doing day to day tasks. You’ll often see them stare blankly into space or zone out.

  1. Speech difficulties

They have trouble creating comprehensible sentences and may have speech difficulties like slurred or rapid speech. This is a result of the cognitive difficulties associated with drug addiction.

  1. Presence of drug paraphernalia

If you spot postage scales, glass pipes, bongs, and cigarette papers lying around the house, there’s a good chance your loved one is abusing drugs. The presence of drug paraphernalia is a warning sign enough of your loved one being addicted to harmful substances.

  1. Unstable energy levels

One moment they’re high in energy, and the next moment they’re crashing. This usually happens when the high wears off and they return to their volatile state.

  1. Disappearance of valuables around the house

Drug addiction is expensive and maintaining their addiction often requires spending thousands of dollars. If you notice any valuables disappearing around the house, it’s likely that your loved one is selling them to acquire the money to buy substances.

  1. Irregular behaviour

Frequent twisting of the jaw, slowed or staggered walks, and frequent rubbing of the nose are telltale signs that a person is addicted to drugs. Observe your loved one carefully and if you notice any patterns of irregular behaviour, then perhaps it’s time to talk to them about their addiction.

If you start to see any of the above signs in your loved ones then it is always recommended to get in touch with a leading drug rehab center in Bali such as Calm Rehab to speak with an experienced professional.

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