What using crystal meth does to your body

What using crystal meth does to your body

Also known as ice, shabu, crystal, or d-meth, this illicit drug is the purest and most potent form of methamphetamine, a highly addictive stimulant that can have long-lasting effects on the body. Most frequently this rock-like crystal, that is semi transparent white or blue, is heated and smoked through a glass pipe, and less frequently injected or snorted. At our rehab in Bali we can help you or a loved one struggling with meth addiction by designing a medically assisted detox program that is right for you and give you the support you need to fight addiction and stay sober.

Meth use can very quickly escalate to addiction and unlike the damage caused by chronic use of other drugs, the long term effects of meth don’t take long to develop. Once a meth addiction is established the body is at risk of developing a number of health problems.

A crystal high and short term effects

Being a stimulant, crystal meth speeds up respiration rates, heart rate, and blood pressure while increasing the body temperature. At the same time users feel more awake, energized and focused. The amount of dopamine and serotonin in the brain are increased so enhancing pleasure and a rush of euphoria or a powerful high follows. Users might feel motivated to accomplish goals and more confident. Unsurprisingly the desirable effects don’t last long and give way to the negative effects of the substance.

The side effects of crystal meth use include:

  • Loss of appetite
  • Significant weight loss
  • Change in sleeping patterns
  • Irregular heart rhythm
  • Mood swings
  • Change is sleeping patterns and insomnia
  • Hyperthermia
  • Convulsions
  • Anxiety and paranoia

Though some might take crystal meth for a specific set of side effects such as weight loss or more energy, it is safe to say that these perceived benefits are not worth the risk of developing a dependency that very quickly comes with them. At our drug rehab in Bali we can give you the tools and support you need to treat your addiction and lead a healthy sober life.

The long term effects of crystal meth use If taken over a long time period, crystal meth abuse can cause serious psychological and physiological issues.

Signs of such abuse include:

  • Psychotic symptoms and mental health issues such as paranoia, hallucinations, delusions, nervousness, anxiety, depression
  • Feelings of bugs crawling on the skin
  • Body sores from picking at the skin
  • Respiratory problems from smoke inhalation
  • Blackened, rotting teeth and bad breath (meth mouth)
  • Broken teeth (the result of meth induced teeth grinding)
  • Premature skin ageing
  • Irreversible damage to blood vessels throughout the body, even in the brain and heart
  • Stroke
  • Coma

There is also an increased risk of developing cancer, liver failure, kidney failure and reproductive issues.

Recovery from crystal meth addiction

Withdrawal from crystal meth can be very uncomfortable and leads many users to relapse to alleviate their withdrawal symptoms. At our Bali rehab Calm, we can help to manage those symptoms to prevent relapse in a beautiful, tranquil and safe environment and although there is no cure for addiction, the disease can certainly be treated.

People can recover from some long term effects of using crystal meth when they quit using, other effects may be permanent or takes years to recover from. The recovery process requires time, medical attention, and psychological counseling. It also requires support and aftercare to not return to your drug habit after becoming sober. It will take hard work, commitment and absolute honesty to get and stay sober, but the freedom you will experience once you get there will outweigh by far the work it takes.


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