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Addiction can destroy lives. The financial, physical, and emotional consequences of this behaviour are immense. Unable to escape the destructive lure of drug and alcohol abuse has had a profound impact on all too many lives.

Assuming that you have already gone and completed a program, then it is time for you to take action. If you went to a rehabilitation facility in Bali to seek assistance within this ordeal, then you should have clear and concise instructions about the direction you should head.

Learning how to stand on your own two feet may seem challenging. Different approaches will need to be tested to get to as close to “normal” as possible. Recovery is not like the facilities programs. There is no graduation date or celebration because it is continuous. Knowing that and pushing through regardless is what separates the success stories from those suffering from alcoholism.

Learning To Walk

Alcoholism tends to break lives and leave destruction. Choosing not to walk away will help prove how committed you are to this new lifestyle.

There are fundamental points that everyone should have if they want a higher chance of staying sober. The “elements of recovery” provided by our website as follows:

  • A secure base is needed in order to focus on recovery. Without worrying about where your next check is coming from and where you will be staying, recovery becomes much easier.
  • Finding a purpose in life is vital. If there is no reason for choosing to get clean, then you cannot expect to stay clean for very long.
  • The hope of recovery will be your fuel. 
  • Figuring out who you are is important for anyone, but especially for someone who is in recovery.
  • Nurturing your support group will ensure that they are in it for the long haul.
  • Lastly, you should try to gain some confidence within yourself. Self-doubt will never fully leave, but being confident in your decisions will help.
  • Applying these elements might make some things easier, but it will not make you sober. It will still be hard, but it does not have to be as hard as you think.

Learning To Run

After being sober for  5+ years, living this lifestyle will become second nature. When you finished your first program, stepping out into the world may have been intimidating for you. With time there will be more occasions where you were in proximity to alcohol. Some days you will be able to say no to a drink, but other days you may find yourself questioning drinking. 

Building a reputation at AA meetings will help your support group grow. Staying involved and sharing experiences will help add an incentive to stay away from drinking. AA is a no-judgment zone, but no one likes having to admit to fault. Fortunately, there are people for support. 

Learning To Fly

Once you have over ten years sober, you are pretty much a champion at recovery. You can now begin assisting others to achieve the same success. The ability to relate to almost every member problem will help them avoid relapsing.

Joining support groups is not something everyone loves to do. Leading is a responsibility that should be left for those up to the task. So, once you have experience, will you take on this challenge?

Get The Individualized Treatment That You Need

While traditional therapies have shown success in treating the underlying problems of addiction, it is beneficial to find a well-suited program. For some, a long-term stay is required, while others might only need 30 days away to gain a new perspective.

Addiction Recovery Resources

There is a whole range of resources available, so there is always a solution. Each focus is different depending on the certain struggles you are facing. Once you understand the root causes of addiction, lasting recovery is achievable. 

Various Programs Designed To Reach You Where You Are

The variety of programs out there today is endless. While a one-month stay in a residential program might be the most common approach, others have worked just as well. 

A twelve-step program is often the go-to therapy of choice. This is because the program encourages individuals suffering from a variety of substance abuse disorders to focus on their positive attributes. By focusing on a person’s spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical components, lasting recovery is possible.

Give Yourself A Break

Many addicts suffer because of the stress of everyday living. Whatever the case may be, a stay in the program will give you the break you need. Recovery can be a lifelong process, but that does not have to be looked upon with fear. You will gain a support network that will guide you through any difficult times. Once you begin to take charge of your life, you will realize that addiction no longer has a grip on you. 


The decisions that are made during hard days often determine how effectively an individual comes out of such situations. For some, alcohol is often seen as a way to handle the lows. If you are depressed and are potentially suffering from alcoholism, consider taking a hard look at whom you associate with regularly. Stay away from individuals that may encourage you to drink excessively. This includes not going to places that are associated with alcohol. One way to do this is to alter your routes so you avoid places you used to frequent.

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