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Medical Detox

Medical Detox In Bali

Withdrawing from drugs and alcohol on your own can be difficult and dangerous due to cravings and symptoms that can include heart palpitations, seizures, anxiety, severe nausea and delirium tremens (DTs). Medical detox is a safer, effective and more comfortable way to withdraw from drugs and alcohol with a reduced risk for complications.

Calm Rehab offers individualized medical detox services with international standards of care provided by our team of doctors and on-site nurses to help our clients at the start of their journey to safely overcome drug and alcohol dependence.

Our Client Liaison Manager will discuss whether or not you will likely require a medical detox prior to admission into Calm Rehab and once you arrive you will undergo a medical assessment from our experienced and highly qualified doctor who specializes in addiction treatment.

Calm Rehab’s Nurses are onsite 24 hours a day to directly oversee the health, well-being and comfort of all our clients.