Superannuation Fund

Accessing Superannuation for Treatment

Calm Rehab’s partnership with Release My Super is instrumental in helping Australians access superannuation funds to cover the costs of addiction and mental health treatment. This collaboration serves as a vital resource for individuals grappling with addiction, alleviating financial barriers that often exacerbate the journey to recovery.

Navigating addiction and seeking professional help can be daunting, particularly when financial constraints loom large. 

However, for Australians considering Calm Rehab as a treatment provider, the prospect of utilizing superannuation funds early to finance treatment is a helpful solution.

Accessing superannuation funds early is governed by strict criteria established by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) and superannuation funds. These criteria typically revolve around severe financial hardship or compassionate grounds, ensuring that funds are allocated responsibly.


Under compassionate grounds, the ATO may grant early access for medical treatments, including addiction therapy. Calm Rehab has worked with dozens of Australian individuals who have found that accessing superannuation funds early to fund the cost of treatment has been a literal lifesaver.


By understanding the nuances of early superannuation access and exploring all available options, individuals can make informed decisions regarding their financial well-being while prioritizing their journey to recovery.


Please contact us if you would like some further information to assist you in making an informed decision as to whether accessing superannuation is the right approach for you.