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After Care

Once You Have Left Our Treatment Centre

We understand that leaving rehab is just the beginning of our clients’ journeys. We place a strong emphasis on relapse prevention throughout all of our programs, identifying potential triggers so that we can work intensively with our clients to help them to build a strong support network prior to their arrival home from rehab.

Calm Rehab does not believe that Aftercare can be treated with a “one size fits all” approach, we believe aftercare should be considered as continued treatment so we work closely with each individual to identify and establish communication with suitable support groups, building a comprehensive ongoing plan for each client.

Aftercare support is varied based on each client’s individual needs, however, a typical aftercare plan may include regularly scheduled outpatient follow-up with a clinician or counsellor for ongoing therapy, post-rehab sober living accommodation and ongoing access to local 12 Step support groups.

Some of our clients may also continue treatment with Calm Online, this is our dedicated platform that can be accessed from anywhere in the world and provides daily professional support – ideal for clients navigating their way through early recovery.

We also regularly invite previous clients back to Calm to share their personal recovery experiences.