Luxury Bespoke Program | Professional Rehabilitation Service Bali
An exclusive resort-like setting for Calm Rehab's luxury bespoke program.

Individual Private Treatment

Calm Rehab’s luxury bespoke programs are ideal for individuals who require total anonymity, those with work commitments, as well as those who may require more intensive mental health support.

Our exclusive recovery program is fully tailored to meet your needs and wants. One of our Client Relationship Managers will liaise with you ahead of your arrival to collaborate with the program planning so that you can arrive with complete confidence that your needs will be met.

Clients on this program reside in their own luxurious private villa with dedicated 24/7 support. All of our luxury properties feature beautifully dressed bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, private swimming pool, lounge areas and high speed Wi-Fi throughout.

This exclusive recovery experience also features your own personal in-house chef who is available to serve delicious and nutrient-dense meals throughout the course of your stay with us, while you will also have the option to eat out and enjoy the world-famous Balinese hospitality.

A typical bespoke program would include three individual counselling sessions each week, daily educational sessions and supportive therapeutic practices. The program also includes a variety of optional activities, these can include CrossFit, personal training, yoga or surfing… or simply kicking back and enjoy a range of spa treatments either at one of the luxurious spas nearby, or from the comfort of your own private villa.

Being based in Bali our clients can experience the natural beauty and unique culture that this island presents us, with recreational activities that include chauffeured visits to picturesque beaches, waterfalls and breath-taking temples.

Our Luxury Bespoke Programs run from a minimum of 2 weeks, however the majority of our clients spend 1-2 months with us.