Our Programs in CALM, To Help Drug & Alcohol Addiction in Bali

We are not a sober living retreat, we provide a variety of effective and practical programs of recovery within a naturally beautiful environment. Client intake is limited to ensure maximum effectiveness and our counselling, support and clinical teams are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

All programs include VIP airport service, private transfers to and from the rehab and medical consultation upon arrival.

We understand the need for client confidentiality and anonymity – Calm does not provide any private information about any of our clients to outside parties nor do we advertise our location as being a treatment facility.

Residential Community Program

Our Residential Community Program is tailored to the specific needs of our individual clients, with an international support team on hand 24 hours a day. We use a multi-faceted approach incorporating one-to-one counselling sessions, CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), Group Therapy, 12-Step Introductions, Mindfulness Meditation, Relapse Prevention and Educational Groups, complimented by an Individual Fitness and Leisure Program.

This program is inclusive of all meals and activities and runs for 30, 60 and 90 days providing our clients with various tools to help them rest, recover and make lasting lifestyle changes.

Calm Rehab Night Pool

One-on-One Service

Our One-on-One is an add-on service complimenting the Residential Community Program & is designed for clients who require a higher level of care. This service may be required due to language barriers, psychosis or anxiety issues.

Clients stay on site at our residential facility in a separate dwelling. They can then be involved in all daily aspects of the primary program within the residential community, however they are also able to be separated entirely and then be re-integrated slowly with the aim to fully integrate them into the Residential Community Program for the remainder of their treatment. This is assessed as per the individual client’s needs.

The One-on-One service ensures the client always have their own personal 24 hour care & support on site.

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Luxury Bespoke Program

We believe that for the majority of clients our Residential Community Program is the most suitable, along with providing extremely good value for money. We do, however, understand the differing needs of our customers and so provide a Luxury Bespoke Program whereby our clients can reside in luxurious private accommodation off-site and still fully benefit from the professional rehabilitation services provided by Calm.

This program offers flexibility, with no restrictions on use of personal technology outside of scheduled appointments. A professional recovery coach is provided around the clock.

The Luxury Bespoke Program is suitable for individuals who seek total anonymity, increased flexibility and a one-to-one recovery approach.


Sober Living Transitional Service

For clients who complete our 90 day residential community program we offer safe accommodation in one of our satellite properties close to our main rehabilitation center.

Clients join the group therapy each morning, continue with one-to-one counseling as well as continual access to Calm facilities including a personal trainer and VIP memberships to a wellness center. This service allows clients greater freedom and personal time.

This is a fantastic way for clients to transition out of rehab enjoying the freedom to explore new hobbies and activities, while maintaining important routines, responsibilities and with a helpful support network and professional assistance in place.

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We understand that leaving rehab is just the beginning of our clients’ journeys. We place a strong emphasis on relapse prevention throughout all our programs, identifying potential triggers so that we can work intensively with our clients to help them build a strong support network prior to their arrival home.

We provide all clients who complete their chosen program free ongoing support in the form of monthly Skype calls for one year.

Clients who have completed their chosen programs are also invited back to stay with us (free of charge) to share their experience, strength and hope.