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Who We Are…

Calm is one of the leading providers of private rehabilitation and mental health services in Asia.

Our approach is non-12 Step based, this means there is no talk of God or a Higher Power. We offer evidence-based, person-centered treatment, working to the highest of international standards at all times.

Our counsellors are able to provide a wide range of evidence-based therapeutic practices to meet the varying needs of our clients, these include Motivational Interviewing, Gestalt Therapy, CBT and Trauma Focused Therapy.

Calm Online is our dedicated platform that allows you to conveniently access our counselling and support services from the privacy and comfort of your own home.

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About Calm Online…

Calm Online has been developed by the counselling team at Calm Rehab in order to provide a highly effective, evidence-based range of support services for individuals who are unable to physically attend a rehab facility. This may be due to work or family commitments, financial constraints, medical conditions or other reasons that leave you unable to travel.

Providing person-centered services which are tailored to the individual, here at Calm we understand that there are many different ways to get well and stay well – our job is to identify which approaches work best for you and then support you along the way.

Calm Online

We Can Help With…

√ Problems with Alcohol and other substances

√ Trauma

√ Stress & Burnout

√ Anxiety

√ Anger Management

√ Depression

Calm Rehab Provides

Services and Pricing…

  • Individual Counselling Sessions
    These sessions are facilitated using either Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp or Messenger and are scheduled at your convenience. You can choose whether you would like to video chat or speak over the phone with one of our highly qualified and understanding counselling professionals.
  • Educational Groups
    These dynamic groups make up a 4-week program and run from Monday to Friday using Zoom. Here our Group Facilitators will break down and explain the neuroscience behind problematic substance use, explore any challenges you may be facing and provide a number of practical strategies to support the improvement of your mental well-being.
    Groups can be participated in real time or viewed at your leisure.
  • Rehab Online
    This is our popular service which provides our clients with unparalleled support – we are here for you from morning to night, seven days a week.
    Rehab Online is our intensive monthly program which can be started at any time and includes 12x Individual Counselling Sessions, Daily Group Counselling Sessions, Daily Evening Check-Ins, 20x Educational Groups with a variety of resources… and professional support on hand 16 hours a day.
Calm Online

Contact Us…

For more information contact us on info@calmrehab. com or any of the following numbers.
• Whatsapp: +62 811 399 8725
• International: +62 811 399 8726
• Aus Toll Free: 1-800-823-436

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